We have accumulated rich experience in providing testing services for customers for many years. We can provide software verification for different stages of R & D and help customer to improve their R & D ability.

Integration testing - Joint testing based on the combination of different modules;

System testing - Design use cases based on requirements, execute use cases, find defects, track defects and other activities;

Acceptance testing - Verify whether the product meets the design requirements based on the user's position;

Real vehicle testing - Verify the functions of the whole vehicle based on the user's position;

Have the ability for automated testing that aiming at the function and stability of cluster / Android.

Automated testing framework

Multi-scenario - bench test, real vehicle test, static test, dynamic test, interface test, UI test, can test, etc;

Multiple OS - Automatic test for Android, QNX and Linux;

Multiple products - Cluster, IVI, A/c panel, HUD, App, Cloud, etc;

Multiple functions - DVR, Multimedia, WiFi, BT, Carplay, Androidauto, Carlife, Rvc/Avm, etc;

Stability test - Long time pressure test, quick click test, memory leak test, concurrency test, USB and other peripheral plug-in test, etc;

Multiple HMI frameworks - Android native interface, Kanzi, QT;

Visual output of test results - Use the allure framework to generate visual test results;

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