Changan Uni-T


Intelligent cockpit based on QNX + Android dual OS, the functions include multimedia audio-visual, Full real-time video live broadcast, On board KTV, Voice/vision/… /gesture multi-mode interaction, DMS, IMS,etc.

JMEV Yi (Mobilize Limo )


Intelligent cockpit project, QNX + Android dual OS, one chip dual screen, including DVR, AVM, face re-cognition, gesture recognition, OTA, etc. In addition, several overseas versions have been developed. 


ST Accordo 5

The DA built for Wuling has the functions of mobile phone intercomnection, multimedia, radio, reversing, Bluetooth phone, picture browsing, power mana-gement, etc. 3 months to achieve stable mass production version, highly recognized by customers.



Responsible for the development of cluster (QNX ) HMI. ADAS  restore the world function can restore the real-time status of surrounding lanes, other vehicles and pedestrians on the screen.Dazzling and friendly HMI.

WM Motor W6 


Provide acceptance testing services aiming at all functions of cluster HU, mobile app and TSP background for WM W6,. The testing methods include bench testing, real vehicle testing, longtime road testing, stress testing, compatibility testing, etc.

FAW Hongqi E-HS9


The cockpit (QNX) developed for FAW Hongqi E-HS9, which is stable and reliable. The development cycle was far ahead of the customer‘s plan and was highly recognized.

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